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Bande Dessinée

Exploring the Rich Legacy of Bande Dessinée

Bande Dessinée is a vibrant French-language comic strip genre, holds immense significance and popularity, particularly in European French-speaking countries like Belgium and France. Continue reading to discover more about this type of Comic Art, from Hergé's Tintin series to Jacques Tardi's Adele Blanc-Sec, these creators have left an indelible mark on the genre and continue to captivate collectors worldwide.

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Band Dessinée Artists


Hergé and the Timeless Adventures of Tintin: Georges Remi, known as Hergé, stands tall as the mastermind behind the beloved Tintin series. Translated into over 70 languages and having sold more than 250 million copies globally, Tintin represents a pinnacle of BD achievements. Its allure lies in Hergé's remarkable storytelling and distinctive artistic style.

Hergé Tintin

René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo

René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo's Astérix: René Goscinny, a renowned French comic book writer, joined forces with illustrator Albert Uderzo to create the Astérix series. Set against the backdrop of ancient Gaul, this endearing BD franchise follows the adventures of a diminutive Gaul who resists the Roman Empire. Astérix has captured hearts worldwide, becoming a cherished symbol of courage and humor.


Jean Giraud, also known as Moebius, made a lasting impact on the BD genre. His groundbreaking work includes the science-fiction series The Incal, crafted in collaboration with writer Alejandro Jodorowsky. Moebius's artistic prowess and imaginative storytelling have inspired generations of comic book enthusiasts.


André Franquin's Spirou et Fantasio and Gaston Lagaffe

These two Belgian artist and writer André Franquin achieved recognition through his contributions to the Spirou et Fantasio series. Additionally, he introduced the iconic character Gaston Lagaffe, an endearing and clumsy office worker. Franquin's creations have cemented their place as classics in the BD genre, cherished for their humor and timeless appeal.

Jacques Tardi

Jacques Tardi's Darkly Humorous Adele Blanc-Sec: Jacques Tardi, a celebrated French comic book artist and writer, is acclaimed for his work on the Adele Blanc-Sec series. Set in early 20th-century Paris, these darkly humorous tales have captivated readers with their engaging narratives and Tardi's distinct visual style. Several of Tardi's works have also been successfully adapted into films.

Influence and Legacy

The influence of these trailblazing artists extends beyond their own creations. Joann Sfar, Marjane Satrapi, Lewis Trondheim, Jean-Claude Mézières, and Emmanuel Guibert are just a few contemporary artists who have been inspired by the Bande Dessinée giants. Their works, such as The Rabbi's Cat, Persepolis, and Lapinot, carry on the tradition of artistic excellence and narrative innovation.