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Where can I buy original comic art?

Where can I buy original comic art?

There's plenty of places where you can buy original comic art:

  • Direct from artists: Many artists have an agent or "rep" handle the selling of their art, but some do it directly through their website (Comic art artists selling their art online), social media, or at conventions. If the artist you're looking for is not referenced on ComicArtTracker, you can also try to contact him/her directly on his/her Facebook or Instagram page.
  • Primary market: ComicArtTracker references more than 300 dealers and artists websites and helps you search easily in all these inventories at once. List of comic art dealers and artists.
  • Secondary market: collectors sometimes have to sell. You'll find their sales either at auctions (see auction houses with comic art auctions) or direct for sale on marketplaces like eBay - Catawiki - ComicArtFans - 2DGalleries or todocoleccion.
  • Conventions: if you have the opportunity to attend comic art conventions, you'll find a lot of dealers and artists displaying part of their inventory, but also collectors looking to sell or trade. And with ComicArtTracker on your mobile phone, you can easily check for the market price of any page of interest!

No matter where you buy from, you will have extra-costs to take into account:

  • Shipping: usually between $20 and $200 (without insurance) depending on the option you choose and where you and the seller live. Make sure the art is packed securely by the seller, that a signature is required at delivery, and that the seller provides you with the tracking number. For art over $1000, many collectors prefer to send overnight via FedEx, UPS, USPS Express, DHL, or similar. And for pieces $10K+, some collectors prefer to get on a plane and go get the piece themselves!
  • Payment fee: if you want to pay with Paypal, you'll have to pay for a 3% commission, and there are also fees associated with international wire transfers which vary from bank to bank.
  • Auction fees: with a few exceptions, auctions will include a buyer's premium (and optionally a resale right). This may add up to 30-35% of the hammer price (especially in Europe), so check the auction Terms and Conditions before bidding. See our comic art auction houses table for their usual buyer's premium and payment conditions.
  • Customs fees / Sales Tax: based on where you live and where the art comes from, you may also have to pay customs fees or a sales tax, which usually adds on 5-10% more.

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